Project 100: Fish Mount Project

2018-2019 Accomplishments:

  • Acquired additional hardware, software and archival supplies to digitalize and properly inventory and store artifacts.

  • Upgraded the Calhoun Exhibit with professionally printed data banners.

  • Installed a tri-level exhibit housing featuring three monitors showcasing the development of Destin and the Tyler Calhoun Family. Still to be programmed is the early Destin family's monitor.

  • Expanded our Museum Heritage Park with 17 data plaques on the early families.
  • Added a cradle to support the restored net boat "Primrose".

  • Expanded the Audio Tour with additional devices.

  • Added lavalier set to the Rodeo Gallery sound & mike system.

  • Added touchscreen computer to Victrola/Early Living Exhibit & programming with digitized vintage records.

  • Added electrical outlets to two areas where new exhibits featuring multi-media equipment will be located in 2019.

  • Acquired touchscreen computer which will be programmed with a timeline of historical data for Destin and Okaloosa County. The housing for the computer is a replica tree stump. Tree slabs from the original Destin and Marler homestead properties will flank the exhibit.

  • Worked in partnership with local groups including CBA, Sea Grant, Okaloosa County and Henderson Beach State Park to build exhibits on the local artificial reefs, bay ecology and beach ecology. Added interactive IPAD to Reef Exhibit featuring the County Reef System maps & pictures.

  • Added lights to outside marlin and sign.

  • Exhibit Visibility Improvements: Completed Phase II of the lighting improvements with LED can and track lighting.

  • Removed the heavy glass panels from the fish wall allowing better photography, put in a short cable system barrier and installed LED lights.

  • Added LED lights to the East Pass Marina Exhibit.

  • Increased promotional advertising through use of rack cards, Beach TV commercial for 5 months, Life's A Beach spring, summer and fall issue and rack cards at the Airport.

2017-2018 Accomplishments:
  • Rodeo Gallery improvements included surround sound speakers, lighting upgrades with LED & track lights.

  • Rolling swing-frame exhibit to hold the Rodeo Poster collection.

  • Rodeo Leaderboard replica complete with the past year's overall winners to be updated annually.

  • Kid's Fish School Exhibit including hands-on activities to measure, weigh, compare and contrast replica fish models.

  • Expanded data and created a new exhibit to house local Native American artifacts featuring local artist mural.

  • Developed and installed a commercial fishing exhibit to feature Destin's earliest commercial fishing industry and example of current commercial fishing with a video showing local commercial snapper fishing.

  • Relocated outrigger flag pole to Museum Heritage Park.

  • Completely renovated the Flipper Wheelhouse exhibit outside the front of the museum.

  • Installed a paver walkway featuring engraved pavers with the names of early seine boats and captains.

  • Installed two historical data plaques about seine boat fishing and early fish camps.

  • Relocated and upgraded the Pioneers of Paradise exhibit featuring a swing-frame with data on early pioneer families.

  • Relocated and upgraded the John Destin exhibit with monitor showing PowerPoint slideshow of his life and works of art.

  • Digitized 115 vintage Victrola records incorporating into interactive equipment to access history of the piece, early Destin entertainment and the music.

  • Worked in partnership with Sea Grant Florida, UF/IFAS University of Florida, NOAA, Reef Ball Foundation and Okaloosa County to create an Artificial Reefs in Florida exhibit with interactive ipad to access the Okaloosa County website on artificial reels located in our Gulf of Mexico waters.

  • Acquired hardware, software, and archival supplies to digitalize and properly inventory and store artifacts.

  • Increased promotional advertising through use of rack cards, Beach TV commercial for 5 months, coupon ad in Military Media GI SAVE, Life's a Beach summer issue and rack cards at the Airport.

2015-2016 Accomplishments:
  • Museum Heritage Park Complex with restoration & addition of the seine boat Primrose, mullet boat Lil Jimmy, net reel and original Post Office with "Footprints in the Sand" memorial paver walkway.

  • Addition of "Rodeo Gallery" presentation room featuring the history of the Destin Fishing Rodeo thru videos, photographs and artifacts. Gallery seats up to 50 visitors and utilizes latest AV equipment for presentations.

  • Audio Tour for self-guided tours in several formats. Visitors can use at no added cost, MP3 Players with headsets or download the free QR Code Reader on your phone. The QR Reader app accesses the tour script in written and audio form at each of the labeled sites throughout the museum. Audio Tour added to Old Post Office on continuous loop.

  • New exhibit entitled: "The Rodeo Fishbench". This swingframe exhibit features the fishing tournament species including the scientific data on each fish, local captain comments and photos of local Rodeo catches.

  • New exhibit entitled: "Gone, But Not Forgotten". This swingframe exhibit features the stories of some of the early individuals who left their mark on Destin and its development. They were leaders that helped create the great social and economic base that would be built on over the years to bring Destin to the World Class Resort of today.

  • Research area including information and genealogical data on the founding families.

  • New exhibit: a 12-foot American Alligator, great "photo-op" spot inside th museum.

  • Created 30 second commercial with BeachTV, which ran June, July and August.

  • Participated with for the background video of Lisa Blackwell's "Beyond the Music/Destin". The site also features the music video by Kevin Sport entitled, "Destin".


2019 Plans:
  • Add Rodeo Weighmaster recorded stories thru QR Reader & Ipad/Headset access to the Rodeo Gallery and upgrade the Rodeo Leaderboard.
  • Create additional Children's "hands-on" exhibit.
  • Add historic data marker to the Museum Historic Park Complex on the "Lil Jimmy".
  • Increase inventory of mounts of locally caught fish species.
  • Broaden advertising and promotion with media, hotels & resorts & travel agencies.
  • Increase programming.
  • Increase attendance with special offers to home-school groups.
  • Continue working on the digital artifact inventory system & artifact preservation.
  • Create programming for an interactive exhibit computer system which will access the chronological history.
  • Add additional visual media programming to the three tiered monitors on Urban Development featuring early development, tourism industry and the early families.
  • Build a new backlit exhibit housing to hold the early church history, local church stained glass, Blessing of the Fleet, school, and community center.
  • Finalize upgrades to the lighting in the museum.
  • Evaluate & update exhibits thru technology & professionally printed data.
  • Create new sport-fishing multi-media exhibit showcasing local charter and party boat catches.
  • Add new exhibits to the four exhibit pods in the front room including a Lion Fish Exhibit.

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